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Sick Sounds Magazine number 1 Behemoth - extreme metal guitar magazine


From the makers of the world-famous Terrorizer Magazine comes the first and last word in Extreme Metal

We start a new decade and so we begin a new era in music magazine publishing with the launch of the Dark Arts title Sick Sounds.

Sick Sounds is the world's first ever magazine for extreme metal musicians, this launch issue features Behemoth, Baroness, Ihsahn, Triptykon, Nile, Between The Buried And Me, Sigh and video lessons on riffing in the style of Celtic Frost, Cannibal Corpse and Black Sabbath, plus all the latest drums, axes, bits, bobs and thingamijigs reviewed. Brutal!

Sick Sounds features definitive gear reviews including a face/off between Blackstar and Hughes & Kettner amps. We test a brace of Spear guitars, the awesome PRS SE Torero, the Line 6 Spider Valve amp and Blackstar stomp-boxes. And then the masked Grim'll Fix It shows how to sharpen your axe.

All music and lessons are on the exclusive cover CD, with video lessons and demonstrations that will bring you up to speed quicker than you can blink.

Sick Sounds is the magazine we wanted when we were learning to play.