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Terrorizer #202, Sick Sounds #4: Kylesa, Melechesh, Cephalic Carnage, Sahg, Dirty South, Enslaved


Riff-pounders Kylesa are our cover stars talking about their new record "Spiritual Shadow": we've long looked over the pond at the down and dirty dealings of the Dixie scene and Kylesa's new cut gave us good reason to celebrate some of the up and coming bands of the area, from Kylesa's neighbours in Zoroaster and Withered down to the bayou boys of Thou in Kim Kelly's round-up of the best new bands from the dirty south. It makes us want to sit back, smoke up and slug some syrup.

Elsewhere in the mag Panko's tales of his roadtrip with Cephalic Carnage provides a good bedfellow for our southern frenzy, and when you throw Sahg, Spiritual Beggars and Melechesh into the equation you got yourself the soundtrack to a new psychedelic revolution.

We also have Sick Sounds #4, where we give Enslaved the special treatment, we review a brace of Dean guitars, the Digitech ME25 multi effects unit and the new Boss looper!