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Terrorizer 207 - Watain and Shining, Deicide, Cavalera Conspiracy, Devildriver, Sylosis and Dominion


What a meaty issue we have for you - aside from insight into Varg's new disc 'Fallen' and fifteen of the sickest Choise Cuts we have headline features on:

Watain and Shining! Deicide! Cavalera Conspiracy! Devildriver! Kyuss! Cauldron! Trap Them! Sylosis! Rotten Sound! Firebird! Obscura!

...as well as a ridiculous number of album and live reviews.

For those of a more velveteen bent, Dominion 9 features:

FMFDM! Theatres des Vampires! Hand! Ankst! Me My Enemy! Solsikk! Formalin! Muckrackers! Creation's Tears! faderhead!

... with reviews of Ministry and Co Conspirators, Ulterior, Visions of Atlantis and more!

And a cracking Emilie Autumn poster!

Get your copy of Terrorizer #207 with Dominion #9 today!