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Terrorizer 254 - At The Gates

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There’s an ever-shrinking list of bands I’m confident will never do another album, and most of them involve tragedy or someone earning a lot more money. But At The Gates were the exception. They went out on such a high, their members appear to be getting creative fulfilment in their myriad new bands, and their influence is such that they have nothing to prove to anyone – their legacy is safe. Right? RIGHT?

OK, I called that putt a bit early. And we’re really glad they did, because there are few more exciting five-word phrases than “new At The Gates album”. It is here, it is a thing, and it gives us more to talk about than any other record since… well, since that killer Carcass record last year. Welcome back to the recording fold, At The Gates, and welcome to the cover.

You now begin to wonder who is next. Obviously an original line-up Kyuss record is out of the question with QOTSA and Them Crooked Vultures keeping Josh Homme busy, and the bands where the crucial creative mind is sadly departed from this level of is existence are out, but I now wonder if there is any other band left who hypothetically could make a new album that definitively will not.

So, who is next? Will Max Cavalera and Andreas Kisser finally bury the hatchet? Will Messrs Jennings and Dorian decide there’s still another Cathedral record to be made after all? Will Ihsahn decide he’s bored with prog and want to record some tremolo savagery with Samoth as Emperor again? Or stranger still, will that mythical third Necrophagist record actually happen?

I’m not placing bets on any of the above. But at this stage, don’t rule any of them out either.

Blind to the worlds within us, waiting to be born,

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