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Terrorizer 264 - Opeth

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My first encounter with Mikael Åkerfeldt has always stayed in my memory throughout my professional career. It was while I was working at another metal publication that the Swede answered the phone and promptly announced that he was in the middle of hoovering his flat. We did go on to talk about how ‘Still Life’ was inspired by his Mikael’s love of concept albums and King Diamond, but it was his brutal honesty and myth-busting image he created from the get go that always impressed me. Mikael is one of the few musicians who pulls no punches, tells it how it is, and there are no smoke and mirrors in his interviews. So here I am, working for another publication and for the second time during my time here, putting this great man on the cover. It’s always a pleasure and it’s been great to reminisce, personally and of course with Mikael, about Opeth’s musical adventures and journeys. It’s been great to go back and listen to the early years, the breakthrough latter day albums and of course the ground breaking duo of ‘Deliverance’ and ‘Damnation’, which I remember were largely ignored by key areas of the rock press on their first arrival. Thank you MFN for reissuing these bad boys! So it gives me great pleasure to say I really hope you enjoy reading Terrorizer’s nostalgic look at Opeth’s career. And as always we hope you enjoy reading our other features on all the best new and classic extreme music.

See you next month!

Darren Sadler


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